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For anyone outside of the Vinyl Community, the words ‘Recordholic’, or ‘Vinyl Junkie’, might seem like bad things. The reality however, is that they are WONDERFUL  things. Being addicted to records, is the same as being addicted to music, we just have a specific medium that we prefer. The only better way to deeply connect with the music you love, is to see it live, and even then, that only lasts one night. It’s the record that holds the memory of that experience deep in your heart and your mind.

The idea of being an ‘Addict’ of anything can seem a bit scary, but that is the beauty of community. When you realize you are not alone, and you find yourself surrounded by others with the same affliction, your life can drastically change for the better. That’s what Recordholics Anonymous is all about; Community.

Ok, so what does it Mean to be a Recordholic?

Well to me, it means a lot of things. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

  1. Buying Records I’ve Never Heard Of, That Look Like They Might Be So Bad, That They Are So Good, And I Have To Have Them
    (I’m a music producer and beat composer, and I absolutely LOVE sampling old, weird, and obscure records for cool sounds and source material. Plus who cares, this is awesome to me just because.)
  2. Having Very Little Concern For Living Space, Because Floor Space Means More Space For Record Crates
    (Who really needs a bed anyway?)
  3. The Cost Of A Storage Unit Is Factored As Basic Living And Survival Expenses When I Need To Store My Records
    (Hey, those are my children, ok?)
  4. Having Vivid Dreams About Buying More Records
    (The worst part is waking up and they aren’t there…)
  5. Walking Out Of A Thrift Store With 20 Records Is a Light Day
    (Don’t ask how many I would normally get.)
  6. When I hear Someone Say “Oh I wish I met you a month ago, we just threw out all of our old records.” I Die A Little Inside, And Fight To Avoid Crying- Those Poor Records!!
    (This Happens a LOT more than you think.)
  7. Combined Shipping Makes It IMPOSSIBLE To Buy Only One Record At A Time From Ebay
    (This is glorious)
  8. Visiting A Record Store Is Much More Of An Experience, Than Just A Shopping Trip
    (Sometimes you are looking for something specific, sometimes you are looking to be inspired by something you find. Sometimes, it’s just about going and feeling the vibe, and seeing who you meet or run into. No matter what though, you are spending some money.)

I could probably go on for a while here, but what I would like to do now is stop talking about me. When I sat down to write this, I decided to first poll our Facebook Community by asking:

What does being a “Recordholic” mean to you?

As always with our awesome community, the responses that rolled in were nothing short of Fantastic. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • ”Buying records even if you already have it on CD, because the needle on the groove is so much better!”
  • “It’s about the music. It’s that place where you can just let go,, forget EVERYTHING and just have that time and space for YOU.”
  • “Looking for vinyl at any flea market, garage sale, thrift shop, antique store, shopping center, mall, etc. you happen to visit. Also, a recordholic proudly posts what (records) they’re listening to for no apparent reason.”
  • “Mine just means addicted to music. Music is my medicine.”
  • “Being awake at 12:52am buying records online when I have to be at work at 6am.”
  • “It means blue oyster cult Japanese only covers.”
  • “Digging your old vinyl collection from your parents attic, lovingly cleaning them and loving them like a dear old friend.”
  • “Hitting thrift shops like they’ll be out of business tomorrow.”
  • “One that doesn’t care a Whole lot for the Clean Technology Sound!”
  • “The love for pops and crackle!”
  • “Loving, wanting, and owning more music than it’s humanly possible to listen to.”
  • “When you keep buying…and buying…and buying…and buying…and buying…”
  • “It means you buy that record you need instead of being responsible. It’s a matter of saying “Hey, I understand you took the kids to your parents house, but I needed that wax. This is who I am now.”
  • “There’s nothing better than to pick up that vinyl and take it for a spin.”
  • “Knowing you can’t have too much music.”
  • “Owning enough LPs to fill a complete room in your home.”
  • “Being broke.”
  • “It means having taste, and a love for a lost art. Everything from recording on vinyl, to designing the album’s artwork is a masterpiece. And those who understand this, and respect it, are a true recordaholic. Regardless of the size of the collection. Rock on spin junkies.”
  • “It means even when you can’t afford, it you still have to have it.”
  • “When you tantrum like a 4 year old girl, if you scratch one of your records!!”

So if you can’t tell, there is one common thread here- Passion. That is why we are so grateful for our community, because we all share a common passion for music and records. Even now as I finish writing this, the comments and contributions to this question still keep rolling in, and that just makes us really happy. 

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